Use iContact Email Marketing Solutions to Increase Email Opens and Clicks

email marketing

As a freelance web writer, your clients may ask you to write content for their monthly newsletters and weekly email blasts.

iContact is an email marketing solution with a wide list of reports and features that can increase the effectiveness of tour client’s email marketing campaigns.

Using iContact and a few email marketing tips, you can increase opens and clicks for your writing clients or when you are marketing for new freelance gigs.

Here’s how: [Read more...]

5 Places to Find Freelance Online Writing Jobs for Free

freelance online writing jobs freeLooking for freelance online writing jobs for free?

You are not alone. With joblessness and recessionary times worldwide, a freelance work at home job is needed to add cash to your pockets quickly. Here are 5 places to find freelance online writing jobs online without paying one dime. [Read more...]

Find a Freelance SEO Writing Job as a Beginning Freelance Writer

If you are a new writing looking for online gigs, you’ll need tips to help you stand out in the search engines. Whether you are based in the middle east or in the USA, use these 3 smart strategies to find a freelance SEO writing job. [Read more...]

Blogging and SEO Tips : 3 Search Engine Optimization Tips to Help You Blog Professionally

search engine blogging tips
If you want to reach a new audience or create more incoming leads for your business, bogging is a great tool. But do you need to know SEO to blog well?

Here are a few blogging and SEO tips you need to know to rank well and succeed at professional blogging. [Read more...]