5 Places to Find Freelance Online Writing Jobs for Free

freelance online writing jobs freeLooking for freelance online writing jobs for free?

You are not alone. With joblessness and recessionary times worldwide, a freelance work at home job is needed to add cash to your pockets quickly. Here are 5 places to find freelance online writing jobs online without paying one dime.

If you are a  seasoned writer or beginning blogger visit:

  1. FreelanceWritingGigs.com – The online freelance website founded by Deb Ng, posts daily freelance writing, blogging and copywriting gigs.
  2. Online-Writing-Jobs.com. – Bookmark this site for an online job directory filed with all types of free freelance writing gigs.
  3. Problogger.com – Darren Rowse’s job board is a great resource for beginning bloggers and seo writers familiar with choosing keywords for their client’s.
  4. BloggingPro.com – Another daily resource filled with online blogging jobs and online writing gigs.
  5. Freelance Switch – While this job board is a must read for designers and developers, sometimes you can find freelance writing jobs here too.

More Freelance Online Writing Job Tips

  • Join at least 3 online writing newsletters or to get email notices for daily freelance writing jobs online.
  • If you are new to freelance writing online, use a pen name to apply for freelance writing jobs online without fear of tarnishing your writing brand online.
  • Research your writing rates before applying for freelance writing jobs online . Some webmasters  and publishers will pay $2 for a 400 to 500-word post, instead of paying you for your talent and experience. While $1 a word is what seasoned feature writers charge for an article,  you can find freelance writing jobs for free that  pay writers between 25- 350 dollars per article.
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