Blogging and SEO Tips : 3 Search Engine Optimization Tips to Help You Blog Professionally

search engine blogging tips
If you want to reach a new audience or create more incoming leads for your business, bogging is a great tool. But do you need to know SEO to blog well?

Here are a few blogging and SEO tips you need to know to rank well and succeed at professional blogging.

Keywords: Use your primary keyword in the title tag, meta keywords tags and once or twice in the body of the webpage.

Place your keyword in the alt tag of your images and in the URL of the post. For example: if your website is about “freelance writing and blogging” you would use these keywords in your website title, images and post URL. Also include your keywords in the H1 and H2 headlines to make your blog posts more searchable.

If you are writing an assignment for a search engine marketing firm they will tell you how often to repeat the keywords and lsi keywords in the body of your article.

Blogging and SEO tip: Do not keyword stuff your articles or website pages. Place the keywords once every 100 words to let the search engine determine what the page is about without spamming Google, Bing or Yahoo.

Backlinks: Create anchor text links back to your website.

If you are writing for social media optimization, place links to your websites in your Twitter, Facebook, Quora and other social media profiles. The more do follow and no follow links you create will help increase your ranking in the search engines.

Blogging and SEO tip: Get back links to your website using guest posting opportunities and submitting your website’s RSS feeds to feed aggregators and blogging directories.

Content Writing: Create a publishing schedule to craft fresh and engaging content.

To keep the search engines continuously crawling your website, publish new content once or twice a week. This will encourage your target audience to return to your website, and let the search engines know that your website is viable and a great online information resource.

Before you apply for blogging jobs online as a professional blogger, make sure that you know these important blogging and seo tips.

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